Passion Fruut

“My marriage doesn’t interfere with my bisexuality”

My relationship is sometimes questioned by others online or in real life. Some black people aren’t sure if they can truly trust me since to them, my allegiance and agency lies with a white man.  And other queer women scoff at my claim to bisexuality when I chose to spend the rest of my life with a man, as a hetero. I understand these frustrations, even when I don’t agree with the ways they’re expressed. 
But the truth is, my marriage doesn’t interfere with my bisexuality because I’m just as attracted to women when I’m with men, and vice versa. Just as my blackness doesn’t interfere with his whiteness, my womanhood vs his manhood, my Liberian culture vs his American culture, etc. I know I sleep very well at night knowing that my personal life aligns with my political life. And my straight white husband has little to nothing to do with it. His personal life aligns with his political life. And his queer black wife has little to nothing to do with that.   

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