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“My clothes don’t define my sexuality”

Updated: Feb 12

So, here’s the thing, for me the battle between how the LGBT “roles” were laid out back in the day really had impact on myself love journey in terms of my body image, let me tell you why!

When I first came out at age 17 and started really immersing myself into the Queer community, people labelled me straight away as a “Stud” or “stem” because I was so tall and broad and I guess if you were to partner me up with anyone who was shorter than me (and let’s face it, that was almost everyone haha) There would be this expectation of adopting the more “masculine role”. Because people viewed me as that and not really knowing what I was doing floating around soho and all that like a lost little lezza, I started to adapt myself to fit those molds of me.

THAT MEANT I was wearing clothing 4 times too big for me and dressing to hide my woman body, lumps, bumps and humps! and YES part of that was still because I was insecure about those parts, but the roles thrown at me hindered my timeline in starting to learn to love myself! As I got older and stopped caring about these “roles” people were playing and dishing out, I started to slowly wear things more my size, and dare I say, a lil crop top here and there.

THEN my real self-love journey started when I was 24 and started getting into modelling and runways and REALLY SEEING MY GLORIOUS WOMB-AN BODY FOR THE FIRST TIME! The more I started to reallllllly love every inch of my body, the more my sexuality came out whether that be in summer, wearing less clothing, in the clubs, on the runway, when I am DANCING or even in LGBT social events… I realised my clothes don’t determine my sexuality, rather, my sexuality shines through when I am confident from the inside out. Quite frankly that’s all that really matters because lets be real… when you‘re in the bedroom THOSE CLOTHES you rely on or hide behind aren’t the ones leading you to that climax HUNTYYYY… that’s all you!

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