Passion Fruut

“My addiction kept me in the closet, breaking my silence let me out!”

I had started coming out before I got sober, but I didn’t have a voice or understand my power of choice. I stayed in toxic relationships with those who where not fully “out”, or with those who had families that would never truly accept US.
When I finally came to terms with my drinking, and cut out the booze with a 12 step program, I had to admit who I truly was. I was an alcoholic and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. 
Through this acceptance I learned that I HAD TO BE OPEN about my life in order to stay true to myself and to not turn to the booze to cope. This included being completely honest about what I wanted for my future, which was a completely open relationship with a woman, with families that accept us and embrace us fully. 
I started building a community around me in my day-to-day life and social media, that showed me what a LGBTQ+ relationship and life can look like. I followed couples who emulated what I wanted. I talked to other couples in the community that were out and thriving in life, and asked them how the hell they got there. And when I was told I could not place membership at a church due to my sexuality, I got to CHOOSE to not return to a place I could not be fully me. I stopped giving and hiding little pieces of myself, which meant there were certain places and people that I would no longer have in my life. And when I did this y’all? I could finally breath. I could live freely!!! 
From the moment I accepted this, my life and love-life began to change. My voice and my openness gave me the strength to be who I am, love who I am, and love who I love! And what do you know?! The healthy relationship followed after swiping right 😉
But Don’t get it twisted… the journey did not come with out hurt. And there is still hurt  today, But I can stand firm in who I am and love because I speak up, speak out, and live proud!! 
You are unique for every single piece of who you are. Do NOT let anyone tell you different or make you believe you have to hide a single damn thing about you. You are worthy and you are beautiful because of it ALL. Sometimes you just have to give individuals the opportunity to see the real YOU 🌈🌸

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