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Moonlight Experiences is dedicated to the celebration of queer culture

Aisha Shaibu is a prominent LGBTQ+ activist in London and a rising entrepreneur. Whether she is organising queer events, parties, fighting for more queer spaces or collaborating in projects or working for UK Black Pride or London Queer Fashion Show. Aisha is making her mark and becoming a key figure and an integral part of London’s LGBTQ+ community as a champion for diversity, equality, and integration. Unknown to most people, Aisha is also part of a handful of Black and queer Research Scientists in the UK and Europe. Engaged to her partner Alexia Lenoir, together the powerhouse couple share their Black queer love and joy @thequeernomads; to help increase the visibility & representation of QTIPOC members.

Aisha’s remarkable work to provide an authentic queer network and services for LGBTQ+ locals and travelers across the globe can be seen through her organization Moonlight Experiences. Moonlight Experiences is dedicated to the celebration of queer culture through tourism & nightlife. Their carefully crafted experiences and activities prioritize the safety of queer folx at night and helps to educate and entertain whilst uplifting QTIPOC members and marginalized voices. Aisha and Moonlight Experiences have been supporting LGBTQ+ spaces and are committed to breaking down intersectional barriers and reshaping the way we navigate travel and community as LGBTQ+ individuals or as allies. Recognized by the Mayor of London for its impact in 2019.

Aisha believes that “We must unite as a community, use our power and voice to sustain our nightlife and amplify marginalised voices by connecting with other LGBTQ+ members and educating allies. We can also strengthen our position in society through our economic power, which needs to be harnessed so that our queer communities can be empowered in the UK and abroad”. Aisha and Moonlight Experiences have launched a crowdfund to help create jobs for the queer community as we start to recover from the impact of Covid-19, provide LGBTQ+ experiences globally and help with the recovery of our nightlife. Please donate what can, we need more services by us and for us especially those that centres on queer womxn and BIPoC folx.


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