Passion Fruut

“I decided that i needed to live and not just exist”

The Journey to Self Love, as a Fat, Black, Queer person was long and hard one. For most of my life, I was trying to fit the standard of beauty that is so prevalent in our society. In the past, I was a diet junkie.  I tried every diet you could think of and quit for so many reasons.

In the last two years, I set out not to diet. I decided that I needed to live and not just exist. I worked on my relationship with food, infact, it’s a relationship I am continuing to work on. 

Being at peace with my body has really allowed me to embrace and receive the love I truly deserve. I do things I want to do without thinking about the proverbial “others’ will think. 

I have learned to live my authentic self and sharing that with my friends and people around me has given me so much courage and confidence.

One of the things that really helped me embrace my body was starting my small business Chubby Fem Thrift (@chubbyfemthrift) with my partner. I love being able to share myself and my growth with our friends and giving plus sized people the opportunity to have access to clothing that fits them at a reasonable price point.

There were so many tears along the way and even now I still have moments of self doubt but once I made the decision to stop living for others I have found my greatest loves, and my passions and It feels really good.

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